iMattress Vital-Sign Monitoring Mattress

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Specifications: Mattress Dimensions: 836 (±5) × 574 (±5) × 9 (±2) mm;

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※ Respiratory and Heart Rate Monitoring: Calculates the user's current heart rate and respiration by analyzing the obtained light power values.

※ Body Movement Monitoring: Monitors significant body movements of the mattress user, reporting through the WIFI module.

※ Out-of-Bed Monitoring: Real-time monitoring of whether the user is in bed.

※ Sleep Monitoring: Monitors the user's sleep status, providing sleep reports with information on sleep duration, deep sleep duration, light sleep duration, REM duration, and wakefulness.


Comfortable and Aesthetic: The overall appearance of the monitoring pad is neat and aesthetically pleasing, with a shiny surface and uniform color, free from scratches or defects. The foam cotton is securely fixed to the pad using a heat-sealing process, ensuring a comfortable feel without slipping.

Device Technical Requirements

Respiratory and Heart Rate Monitoring Accuracy: Heart rate measurement accuracy: ±3 beats per second or ±3%, whichever is greater; respiratory rate measurement accuracy: ±2 beats per second when the respiratory rate is 7-45 beats per second; undefined when the respiratory rate is 0-6 beats per second.

Body Movement Monitoring Accuracy: Accurately identifies and reports states such as significant body movement, moderate body movement, slight body movement, and no body movement.


The material of the fiber pad body of the monitoring pad is Oxford cloth, ensuring cleanliness and aesthetics. The controller's plastic shell is made of high-strength ABS plastic. The fabric of the pad body is free from irritating odors, and the pad joints are heat-sealed without obvious burrs.

Standard Configuration

The monitoring pad includes a control box and a fiber pad.

Software Functions

Device Monitoring: Displays device overview, counts online, offline, and faulty devices; provides statistics on device usage duration and usage rate; monitors device health status and connection numbers. In the device monitoring area, the status data of each running device can be viewed. (Software registration certificate can be provided.)

Patient Management: Adds hospitalized and discharged patients, displays a list of discharged patients with specific details.

Risk Warning: Supports personalized setting of alarm thresholds for patient heart rate, respiratory rate, body movement, and out-of-bed events.

Vital Sign Detection: Allows remote viewing of multiple patient information in the patient view interface, displaying real-time status of heart rate, respiratory rate, body movement, and out-of-bed events for each patient on the list.

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