About Us

BEWATEC was founded in Germany in 1995. After nearly 30 years of growth, its global businesses has stretched to more than 300,000 terminals in more than 1,200 hospitals in 15 countries.

BEWATEC has been focusing on smart medical care and is committed to the digital transformation of the global medical care industry, providing patients with comfortable, safe and personalized digital care journeys, thus becoming a global leader for specialized smart medical care overall solution (AIoT/ Internet Nursing).

The company has a market share of more than 60% in Germany and maintains cooperation with two-thirds of medical universities and institutions, including the world's top ranking universities such as Freiburg University and Tübingen University. In China, BEWATEC has established ties with famous universities such as School of Medicine of the Fudan University, East China Normal University, etc. and the academician team of Jiaxing University, jointly working on scientific research, product development, and clinical trials.

Company Profile


Relying on the advantageous resources of talents, scientific research and market, BEWATEC manages to set up a post-doctoral workstation, which help accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements by taking advantage of the global product layout, and promote the healthy, continuous, rapid and high-level development of industry.

BEWATEC has successively settled demonstrative outlets in Shanghai Ruijin Hospital, Shanghai Renji Hospital, Shanghai Changhai Hospital, Jiaxing Second Hospital and many other top-ranking hospitals in China, helping Ruijin Hainan Hospital to become a smart research hospital, where China’s first domestic Smart GCP ward and a national level smart palliative care center were created, contributing to the development of medical and health care industry.


We digitalize hospitals.

As a global leader in seamless nursing services, we will be committed to our social responsibility of “pioneering and innovating, leading the revolution of products”, aiming at the deep entanglement of digitalization, IT and manufacturing so as to accelerate the combination of new technologies and clinical trials, to support high-quality care and efficient management, and making our contribution to the global Medicare industry.



BEWATEC has been exploring the boundaries of scientific research through its innovative efforts and adhering to the R&D of smart processes and applications, that is, empowering itself with intelligent procedures.

BEWATEC has five major R&D centers around the world with a post-doctoral workstation as the core. The high-quality research teams all over the world with their own expertise are the solid foundation of our innovative strength.

Through continuous development of new products and improvement of existing products, to meet and exceed customer needs and expectations.

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Qualification Documents

BEWATEC products in line with a number of national export certification, with ISO9001, IOS13485 and ISO14001 and other certificates.


Quality Assurance

BEWATEC is committed to sustainable development. We adhere to the lean quality and ingenuity of Germany as we keep improving the product quality and reliability.

The CNAS certification laboratory established to maintain the high quality of products keeps conducting continuous and state-of-the-art testing on the products.

Our quality management system ensures that the products delivered in each step of production have undergone rigorous quality assessments. Strict quality control is implemented throughout the production. 

Post-sale Service

In the global integrated service system, BEWATEC has been employing its rich experience and, with a professional and rigorous attitude, providing reliable and considerate support for the products it provides to you.

Over the years, BEWATEC has been adhering to professional standards, pursuing excellence in each detail of its service and design, continuously bringing more efficient and meticulous services.

Customer managers, experienced technicians and professional service personnel working all over the world, swift and efficient maintenance, and high-quality service will keep your products in the most cutting-edge condition and remove all your concerns.


Company History

28 years of experience in the smart healthcare industry

  • 1995-1998
  • 1999 – 2002
  • 2003 – 2006
  • 2007 – 2010
  • 2015 - 2017
  • 2018 - 2020
  • history1995-1998
    • Establishing BEWATEC
    • Developed the first bedside LCD
    • The first personalized TV device MediTeck TV
  • history1999 – 2002
    • Update MediTec LCD TV6
    • Expand the range of MedTec LCD monitors for TV7, TV8, 4, TV10, TV12, TV15 and TV18
  • history2003 – 2006
    • Expanding the scale of headquarters in telecommunications
    • Develop the first internet multimedia terminal
    • Market Launch of New MediTec LCDTV8, TV10, and Tv12
  • history2007 – 2010
    • MedTec LCD TV 12 DVD launched
    • Market launch of the new MediNet 15
    • Develop the first cloud based device management platform
    • B-Home device series won the Red Dot Design Award
  • history2015 - 2017
    • Collaborate with partner MainTech
    • MyMediNet platform becomes
    • Overall software solution for BEWATEC. ConnectedCare
  • 2018 - 2020
    • BEWATEC Global Business Integration
    • BEWATEC Medical