Intelligent Turning Air Mattress (Hecate Series)

Enhance Comfort and Safety with a Two-Function Manual Bed Featuring Six-Column Siderails

Introducing the Two-Function Manual Bed with Six-Column Side Rails, a versatile and reliable medical device manufactured by Bewatec (Zhejiang) Medical Device Co., Ltd., China's leading supplier and factory for innovative healthcare solutions. Designed with the utmost precision and quality, this bed is perfect for hospitals, clinics, and long-term care facilities. Its two-function manual operation allows for easy adjustment of height and backrest to provide maximum comfort and convenience for patients. Equipped with six-column siderails, this bed ensures the safety and security of patients during transfers and prevents falls, making it an ideal choice for patients with mobility issues or those needing extra support. The siderails can be easily raised or lowered by healthcare professionals, guaranteeing swift and hassle-free patient assistance. Bewatec (Zhejiang) Medical Device Co., Ltd. takes pride in its commitment to providing reliable medical equipment that adheres to international standards. With advanced manufacturing techniques, strict quality control, and a skilled workforce, we guarantee the durability, longevity, and efficiency of our products. Trust in Bewatec (Zhejiang) Medical Device Co., Ltd. as your preferred manufacturer and supplier for this exceptional Two-Function Manual Bed with Six-Column Siderails, and experience unparalleled patient care and comfort.

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