Bewatec’s Innovations in Intelligent Healthcare

On December 1, 2023, the Jiaxing Medical AI Application Exchange Conference was successfully held, focusing on the cutting-edge research and innovative applications of artificial intelligence (AI) technology in the medical field. The conference aimed to share the latest research findings, successful case studies, and innovative thinking, fostering academic exchange and collaboration to promote the adoption and application of medical AI in Zhejiang Province and beyond.

Bewatec, as the founding and vice-chair unit of the Jiaxing AI Society, had Dr. Wang Hua, the Director of Research and Development, invited to deliver a keynote speech. The presentation centered around the theme of “Smart Healthcare Platform based on Intelligent Bed 4.0,” exploring industry insights and practical experiences of Bewatec‘s smart healthcare initiatives. The conference featured academic insights and discussions from industry experts, precisely addressing the forefront developments in medical AI technology. Simultaneously, by bringing together pioneering brands and technologies in the AI industry, the conference aimed to significantly contribute to the advancement of innovation in medical AI development.

Bewatec, with a focus on intelligent healthcare, leverages its global presence across five research and development centers and post-doctoral workstations. The company has served over 1200 hospitals in more than 15 countries, with 300,000+ terminals. During the exchange event, Bewatec showcased its intelligent healthcare electric beds, non-intrusive vital sign monitoring devices, and healthcare hybrid cloud platform. The live demonstrations vividly illustrated the developmental trajectory of digitized technology contributing to the convenience and charm of medical intelligence, capturing the attention of many attendees.

With nearly three decades of dedication to smart healthcare, Bewatec is committed to providing independently developed intelligent products and services to doctors, nurses, patients, and hospital administrators. The goal is to facilitate hospitals in achieving digital transformation, enhancing medical care efficiency, reducing healthcare incidents, and assisting doctors in AI research and elevating hospital management standards. Bewatec‘s relentless commitment to intelligent healthcare shines through its efforts in the field for almost thirty years.

Post time: Dec-07-2023