M1 Manual Transfer Bed (Machaon Series)

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High-efficiency transportation capability and lightweight design provide the best assistance to nursing staffs.

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M1 Manual Transfer Bed  (Machaon Series) (5)

Rotating Side Rails: Side rails can be fixed at a horizontal position for drip and puncture. Concave design can prevent catheter slide. Loading capacity 10kg.

Double Locks Of Side Rails: Double lock on the foot side, prevent wrong operation, more safe. 

M1 Manual Transfer Bed  (Machaon Series) (6)
M1 Manual Transfer Bed  (Machaon Series) (7)

Aluminum Alloy Pressing: Integrated molding, more strength, more style. There is a transparent anti-oxidation layer on the surface.

Back lifting function: Operate the control handle to control the silent air spring, achieving better lifting of the back panel.

M1 Manual Transfer Bed  (Machaon Series) (8)
M1 Manual Transfer Bed  (Machaon Series) (9)

Oxygen Cylinder Storage Rack: When not in use, it is stored under the backplane, which is convenient and safe. Hold up to 7L oxygen cylinder.

Using high tech waterproof fabric and electro-static prevention, Washable and easy clean, design of three sections, only one person can transfer the patient.

M1 Manual Transfer Bed  (Machaon Series) (10)
M1 Manual Transfer Bed  (Machaon Series) (12)

Functional Presentation Of Bed Body: Backplane angle display. There is an angle display on the guardrail, which can visually see the angle change of the back plate.

Fifth Round Center: The conversion of stretcher cart is easily realized between “straight” and “free” by operating the lever. Easier to control the direction with “straight”.

M1 Manual Transfer Bed  (Machaon Series) (13)
M1 Manual Transfer Bed  (Machaon Series) (14)

Base Cover: Base cover has two sections of different size and depth, multiple leaking holes.

Blue guardrail (Optional)

Product Functions

i. Back Up/Down

ii. Bed Up/Down

Product Parameter

Full width


Full length


Back tilt angle


Height adjustment range


Safe working load


Configuration Details



Bed board



Aluminum Alloys


Double-sided Central Control

Base cover

IV pole

Oxygen cylinder storage rack

Moveable Mattress

Fifth Wheel


Easy transfer: The manual transfer feature allows for smooth and efficient movement of patients from one surface to another, reducing strain on caregivers and ensuring patient safety.

Versatile design: This bed can be adjusted to various heights and positions, facilitating ease of care and providing comfort for patients during transfers.

Sturdy construction: The bed is made with durable materials, ensuring stability and longevity, while maintaining user comfort.

User-friendly controls: The bed features intuitive and easy-to-use controls, allowing caregivers to operate it with minimal effort and ensuring the comfort and safety of patients.

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